Thank you for inquiring about Sean Smith Ministries (Pointblank International). We are a faith-based ministry, rooted in the grace of God. Should Sean be able to minister with you, the following are a few of the things he is expecting to see during his time with you:

  • Free flowing move of the Holy Spirit.
  • People being saved, healed, liberated, and delivered.
  • Our weekly budget being addressed to support our staff, and our outreach ministry, as our ministry
    is completely funded by love offerings.
  • Valuing and building relationship with you, your leadership and your body.

Step 1: For scheduling the first thing you should do is please fill out our Schedule Inquiry Form.

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Step 2: Then please view our Finances & Scheduling Decorum Sheet. (Under the step 2 tab)

If Sean has ministered with you within the past year, simply call our office at (925) 275-8040, or email our administrator. (

Sean will pray over your request, review his schedule, and then we will respond as quickly as possible.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call our ministry office. Office hours: Tuesday – Friday 9:30am – 4:30pm (PST).

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Sean Smith Ministries is a faith based ministry & completely funded by love offerings & support. We ask that churches believe with us for our weekly budget to be met either through love offerings or an honorarium. We believe in a culture of honor and believe that ministers are worthy of being blessed for the grace on their lives & their labor. (1Timothy 5:18) It is in our hearts to live a life of generosity as we endeavor to serve you in ministry as well.

The criteria of whether a love offering or an honorarium is agreed upon will depend on venue size & number of times Sean will be ministering/teaching.

Love Offerings:
We ask that a separate love offering for our ministry be taken in each of the services Sean will be ministering in.
Sean would ask that he be able to share a few moments before each love offering is taken. He would like to share with the people some upcoming outreaches or events so that they would understand where their gifts are going towards.
Please combine all offerings into a single check payable to
“Sean Smith Ministries” & mail to PO Box 2821 San Ramon, CA 94583, within one week of the last service.

In a separate check (not including any reimbursement expenses), please have available for Sean or his associate at the completion of the last service, payable to “Sean Smith Ministries”.

Scheduling Decorum:
Final Confirmation: A date IS NOT final until a completed confirmation packet is sent back to us.

  • Travel: The church/organization will cover travel expenses incurred by Sean Smith and his associate. These expenses include, but are not limited to:
  • Airfare – Sean Smith Ministries believes in the model set forth by Jesus for His disciples by sending them out “two by two.” Therefore, we ask that the host church or organization cover airfare for two. S.S.M. will be responsible for booking the tickets. Once the tickets have been purchased, S.S.M. will provide the church/organization with the flight itinerary and receipt. We ask reimbursement be made within 5 days off receipt.
  • Hotel accommodations – The host church or organization is responsible for the lodging for Sean & associate. Please keep in mind that Sean is on the road 50 weeks a year. His hotel serves as his home, office, & study. Therefore, we ask that the hotel be clean & newer. (Some examples would be Marriott Hotels—Courtyard, Residence Inn, Sheraton Hotel, & Holiday Inn). We will inform you at the time how many rooms will be needed (1-2).
  • Meals – Meals & any snacks shall be the responsibility of the host church/organization for both Sean & his associate. Sean prefers to eat out rather than in private residences. His preferred restaurants would have a nice selection of salads and chicken dishes, as Sean does his best to eat healthy. If you desire to provide snacks; Sean enjoys protein bars, trails mix, turkey jerky, & fruit; no sweets please. To drink Sean enjoys Gatorade, and orange juices.
  • Rental Car/Transportation –For any transportation needed, host shall be responsible.
  • Gas Reimbursement – For all local ministry, host church shall be responsible for reimbursement.